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States Trust is the federal affairs initiative of the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) housed just steps away from the United States Congress in Washington, D.C.

States Trust addresses the nation’s toughest challenges by providing state-based solutions and restoring the principle of federalism that empowers states to be innovators of effective public policy. Unfortunately, national policy discussions rely too heavily upon the federal government to create a one-size-fits-all policy prescription that expands an already bloated bureaucratic system and dismisses the nuances of each state and community.

Through outreach, communications, organizing, and research, States Trust defines the national debate from the states’ perspective to ensure greater security, prosperity, and human flourishing for America.

Founded as a project on behalf of all 50 states, States Trust is a conduit for successful state-based solutions—both in and outside of Texas— that are ready for national implementation and maintain the well-established principles of TPPF. For its initial agenda, the project will focus on a number of policy issues that garner broad, national attention, have state-centered blueprints for success, and are crucial to the continuation of American prosperity. These include:

  • Criminal Justice Reform – States Trust elevates the policies and research of Right on Crime, TPPF’s national criminal justice reform project. States Trust argues for reform that supports conservative solutions for reducing crime, restoring victims, reforming offenders, and lowering taxpayer costs.
  • Energy Reform – States Trust supports strengthening global energy dominance by engaging with policymakers to present facts, dispel myths on the environment, and ensure American energy remains safe, reliable, and economical. States Trust works hand-in-hand with Life:Powered, TPPF’s national energy initiative.
  • Healthcare Reform – States Trust advances reform that sets the tone for a new bold action by building a national coalition of partners that believe in healthcare freedom and having the states take their rightful role in the care of its communities. States Trust works with Right on Healthcare, TPPF’s national healthcare initiative, to accomplish these goals.
  • Immigration Reform – States Trust advocates for reform that preserves security and places American priorities first, while recognizing that American prosperity relies on the insight and hard work immigrants have provided.
  • Regulatory Reform – States Trust promotes federalism that returns power back to states and local governments, who know their constituents better and are more directly accountable to voters.

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