TPPF: One-Size-Fits-All Education Does Not Work

Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published the paper Beyond Four Walls: How Competency-Based Learning Can Enhance Public Education. The paper’s authors provided the following statements: “The fact is, student outcomes are more important than how long students have sat in a classroom,” said Emily Sass, policy director for TPPF’s Next Generation Texas campaign. “Despite varying individual needs, our education funding...

Press Release February 23, 2021

TPPF: Bill to Identify Human Traffickers Makes Progress to End Forced Labor

The Texas Public Policy Foundation commended the introduction of new legislation to help identify human traffickers and end the exploitation of workers, the vast majority of whom are unauthorized immigrants.  “It is critical that we begin implementing policies that take a sustained approach in addressing the issue of exploited workers, and Chairman James White’s House Bill 820 is...

Press Release February 23, 2021

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TPPF Applauds Gov. Abbott’s Leadership on Public Safety

Following Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s State of the State address, the Texas Public Policy Foundation and its Citizens Defense and Right on Crime campaigns commend the Governor for making public safety a clear priority by declaring making bail reform, providing police officers with the best possible training and funding, and protecting Second Amendment rights emergency items. Randy Petersen, Senior...

Press Release February 1, 2021