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TPPF Urges Passage of Reforms to Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

AUSTIN—The Texas House of Representatives is expected to consider Senate Bill 29 on Monday. SB 29 prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars by local governments to hire lobbyists to advocate against tax reform, bond transparency, and ethics issues and requires greater government disclosure. The bill has received bipartisan support from lawmakers growing frustrated with local governments spending more than $40...

Press Release May 19, 2019

TPPF: Ten Tips for Policymakers for Improving Probation and Parole

AUSTIN— Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Right on Crime initiative published the policy perspectives Ten Tips for Policymakers for Improving Probation and Ten Tips for Policymakers for Improving Parole. Three Tips for Policymakers for Improving Probation: Reduce criminalization and incentivize and expand use of police and pretrial diversion. Assess risk and criminogenic needs of each person placed...

Press Release May 17, 2019