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Life:Powered Praises Proposed Amendments to EPA Methane Regulations

AUSTIN — The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Life:Powered project, in partnership with the CO2 Coalition, submitted public comments to the Environmental Protection Agency regarding proposed revisions to federal methane regulations. “Our comments support the president’s initiative to reform costly and unnecessary regulations on the energy producers that power our nation,” said Mike Nasi, director of...

Press Release November 26, 2019

TPPF: Court Correct to Grant Stay in San Antonio Paid Sick Leave Case

AUSTIN—Today, the 225th Judicial District Court granted a temporary injunction preventing the controversial San Antonio mandatory paid sick leave ordinance from taking effect on Dec. 1. “I congratulate the San Antonio business community on their win stopping the unconstitutional San Antonio paid sick leave ordinance from being enforced,” said Robert Henneke, general counsel at the Texas...

Press Release November 22, 2019

TPPF: America Should Look to Canada and Australia For Immigration Solutions

WASHINGTON D.C.—Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published the paper Federalism in Immigration: The Cases of Canada and Australia. “Australia and Canada have largely focused their immigration policy on providing permanent resident visas to economic migrants with desirable skills to the nations’ workforce while also giving states, territories, and provinces a crucial role in sponsorship,” said...

Press Release October 31, 2019

TPPF: Cost of Attendance Should Be Replaced with the Median Cost of College

AUSTIN— Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published the paper, The Case for Replacing Cost of Attendance with Median Cost of College. “Using the median cost of college would generate several benefits including improving the financial aid application process, enhancing the competitive landscape among colleges, and providing an incentive for colleges to measure and improve quality,”...

Press Release October 29, 2019