As Former President Trump and Speaker Mike Johnson Discuss Election Integrity, TPPF Applauds Congressman Roy’s Legislation to Safeguard Our Elections

TPPF has been fighting for common-sense election and border security legislation for years. While millions of illegal aliens are flooding across our southern border, a record number of localities have recently allowed non-citizen voting in local elections. Those who say the threat of non-citizen voting is unfounded either aren’t paying attention or worse, are intentionally...

Press Release April 12, 2024

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TPPF Announces Border Security and Immigration Priorities for the 89th Legislative Session

The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Secure and Sovereign Texas campaign announced its border security and immigration policy priorities for the 2025 89th Texas Legislative Session.  The SST campaign focuses on protecting Texas communities, ensuring Texas has the resources for a strong southern border, and defending state sovereignty and authority. “Texas is ground zero for the...

Press Release March 19, 2024

TPPF Announces Health and Family Policy Priorities for the 89th Legislative Session

The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Center on Health and Families campaign announced its policy priorities for the 2025 89th Texas Legislative Session. The campaign focuses on improving systems and outcomes that affect patients, families, and children.  CHF has worked on several successful reforms such as encouraging family formation, reforming child protective services, improving transparency in health...

Press Release March 12, 2024