TPPF Sues Biden to Release Information on Economically Devastating Climate Goal Commitments

AUSTIN─ As energy costs continue to burden American families, the Biden Administration is pursuing expensive renewable energy goals as part of commitments it made to the Paris Climate Accords. Specifically, the federal government plans to set a Nationally Determined Contribution number, a matter of huge economic significance, pledging an “economywide target of reducing America’s net...

Press Release November 17, 2022

TPPF Mini-Documentary Shows Path Forward for Overcoming Homelessness

Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation released its mini-documentary on the homelessness crisis, with a focus on how a “People First” approach will help support the homeless to heal, grow, thrive and realize their full potential. Rather than governments just providing taxpayer-funded subsidized housing as a solution to homelessness, effective public policy will address the diseases that...

Press Release November 15, 2022

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