AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation welcomed the announcement from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that the Senate would begin work on a bill to fund efforts to deal with the massive wave of illegal immigration. McConnell said the Senate Appropriations Committee could vote on a bill as early as next week.

“Congress has delayed action at the border for far too long,” said TPPF’s Executive Director Kevin Roberts. “A primary focus must be measures that decrease the backlog of pending cases and our courts’ ability to handle them swiftly and judiciously. We look forward to both sides of the aisle working quickly together to ensure we begin resolving the crisis that is affecting Texans and all Americans, who should feel confident that our borders are secure.”

“The emergency funding is a necessary first step to relieving the tremendous pressure our law enforcement agencies are feeling at the border,” said John Hostettler, Vice President for Federal Affairs for States Trust, TPPF’s federal initiative. “The Senate has the opportunity to move forward in a way that is both compassionate and humanitarian and respects the laws of this country.”