The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) commends Governor Greg Abbott for affirming Texas’ authority and responsibility to defend its people and secure its border, even in the face of federal inaction and opposition.

“Texas has been at the forefront of an invasion from Mexican cartels and their allies in the Mexican state — and their allies in the Biden regime. Thanks to Governor Abbott, Texas has also been at the forefront of state efforts to do what the federal government will not, and secure our border,” said TPPF CEO Greg Sindelar. “Governor Abbott is entirely right in stating that ‘[t]he federal government has broken the compact between the United States and the states.’ It is now up to the federal government to either do its duty under the Constitution — or get out of the way so Texas can do the job.”

“Washington, D.C.’s decision to collude with a foreign power in the cartel-allied Mexican regime, at the expense of Americans’ safety and security, generated a security crisis at the border — and now it has produced a Constitutional crisis in America,” said TPPF Chief of Intelligence and Research Joshua Treviño. “Thankfully, we have Governor Abbott in Texas to stand in the breach.”