Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation released a report by Center for Education Freedom Director Kent Grusendorf entitled, Transparency in Education Funding Sorely Missing. The paper examines school finance in Texas, and how the lack of transparency in the current system inhibits innovation.

“Texas’ school finance system is opaque and tortuously difficult to understand. Because of this, opponents to innovation in general – and school choice in particular – are able to mislead Texans,” said Grusendorf. “Though the Legislative Budget Board and the Texas Education Agency have both shown school choice will have a positive fiscal impact on the state, opponents continue to claim it will not. It’s time to say: ‘enough is enough!’ for the sake of Texas children.”

“A lack of transparency is school finance is a disservice to all Texans,” said policy analyst Michael Barba. “As this work shows, it means that – in the case of education reform – the path to the future is obscured by misunderstanding. With a reform as important to Texas parents as school choice, we all must have accurate information.”
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The Honorable Kent Grusendorf, is Director of the Center for Education Freedom at TPPF, he Arlington in the Texas Legislature for twenty years, focusing on education. Serving on the House Public Education Committee and various Select Committees, he played a significant role in crafting legislative responses to the Edgewood I, Edgewood II, Edgewood III, Edgewood IV, and West Orange Cove school-finance court decisions.
Michael Barba is a Policy Analyst at the Center for Education Freedom at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit, free-market research institute based in Austin, Texas.

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