The Texas Education Agency’s new high-quality instructional materials will significantly improve educational outcomes and provide tremendous support for teachers, according to the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Greg Sindelar. TEA recently published the revised materials as part of a new review process passed by the Texas Legislature last year. The revised materials align with the state’s standards, known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS, follow evidence-based instructional strategies, and includes the well-rounded and complete knowledge base parents want for their kids.

“The new high-quality instructional materials are a game changer,” said TPPF’s CEO Greg Sindelar. “Student achievement has been stagnant in Texas for more than a decade. Research shows there are two main causes: most of the instructional material is not on grade level and teachers spend too much time planning and not enough time teaching The redesign addresses – and begins to solve – these issues. The outcome will be more students getting a rigorous, high-standard educational experience and more teachers getting the support they need to focus on delivering the lessons.”

Last year, the Texas Legislature passed landmark legislation, HB 1605, that strengthened parental rights, ensured school materials were age appropriate, and directed TEA to establish a set of state-owned textbooks and educational materials. The announcement of the high-quality instructional materials marks a step in the review process toward getting the redesigned curriculum approved by the State Board of Education. In addition,

  • The materials are free for school districts and will be available to parents online.
  • They are optional for teachers to use. They can be used in combination with existing curriculum and allow for maximum flexibility in catering to specific student needs.
  • The curriculum is evidence and research-based, developing lessons founded on the best cognitive and learning science.

“Texans don’t just want their students to have a good education, they want it to be the best in the nation,” Sindelar added. “The new high-quality instructional materials are a major step toward realizing the potential of every child.”