Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Jason Isaac, Senior Fellow for Life:Powered, released the following statement on the Texas State Board of Education’s (SBOE) decision to approve new classroom scientific materials:

“The Texas State Board of Education should be applauded for adopting textbooks that align with state standards and will give children in Texas a more balanced presentation of energy. The decision from the SBOE to reject textbooks that don’t align with Texas standards will positively impact our education system and Texans for generations to come. While the mainstream media and the climate industrial complex is lambasting the SBOE, their decision was rooted in complying with Texas standards. For too long, textbooks in Texas and across the country have typically only emphasized the climate alarmist narrative that vilifies fossil fuels,” said Jason Isaac. “Removing bias and a false narrative regarding our climate from our education system will have a significant benefit in mental health and encourage future generations to seek jobs in the energy sector and beyond.”