Austin —Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation launched the Texas Prosperity Promise, a new campaign to support key reforms that will promote and sustain the prosperity, liberty, and human flourishing of all Texans. The Foundation intends to build a large community of support for these critical measures from grassroots activists, policy leaders, and state and local officials.
The four primary reforms focus on the areas of education, property taxes, spending restraint, and government accountability.
“Texas has long been the beacon of liberty, prosperity, and innovation for America — and for the world,” said Kevin Roberts, executive vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “To ensure the flourishing of Texans during the next quarter-century, we must work now for bold policy reforms that embody the Texas ideal.”
“Making Texas stronger takes the power out of Washington and puts it into the hands of the people,” Roberts added. “These reforms are central to ensuring individuals can thrive and our society can prosper.”
The Texas Prosperity Promise asks signers to demand government policies that foster quality education, improve our tax system, limit the growth of government spending, and hold officials accountable to the people.
On taxes, the promise calls for eliminating property taxes and offsetting them with a broad-based sales tax.
In the realm of education, it calls to secure education freedom by replacing the state’s complex school finance system with a more child-centered model, expanding education choice by empowering families to determine the best opportunities for their children, and eliminating burdensome mandates that prohibit school leaders and teachers from innovating.
When it comes to spending, the promise seeks to cap spending, both for state government and local governments. Specifically, it calls for supporting a Conservative Texas Budget that restricts spending increases to less than population growth plus inflation, which will sustain the economic prosperity in Texas that is tied to our state’s fiscal discipline.
Finally, on accountability, the Texas Prosperity Promise commits to protecting taxpayers by preventing tax dollars from going to lobbyists and ending automatic union contributions from public employees. 
To learn more about how the principles translate into policy and to join the campaign, visit:
For more information or to request an interview, please contact Alicia Pierce at[email protected] or 512-472-2700.
Kevin Roberts, Ph.D., is executive vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation.
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