The Texas Public Policy Foundation joined a group of more than a dozen members of the Texas congressional delegation at the southern border to learn more about the growing crisis and provide input on potential solutions. Members of TPPF’s Right on Immigration campaign have been sounding the alarm for months about the Biden Administration’s disastrous reversal of several Trump-era policies, such as completion of the southern border wall and ending the abuse of our asylum system.  TPPF has been warning that turning back on these and other policies would result in an explosion of the human trafficking industry that exploits and brutalizes migrants seeking entry into the United States.    

“After more than two decades of incomplete and systematically dysfunctional policies on the southern border, the federal government under President Trump was finally beginning to turn the tide at the southern border,” said Right on Immigration’s Ken Oliver, who was at the border with the congressional delegation. “And within just a few months, the Biden Administration has not only reversed all the gains that were achieved but has made the situation immeasurably worse. According to the human traffickers themselves, ‘business is booming’ thanks to President Biden and his uncompassionate, unsafe, and incompetent policies. Allowing the crisis to spiral out of control is a danger to the American people, our brave men and women protecting us at the border, and the migrants being robbed, raped, or worse.  

“We deeply appreciate the attention our Texas delegation is focusing on this issue and applaud them for taking steps to reverse this crisis and putting the right policies back in place to protect the American people.” 

For more on TPPF’s research evaluating the Biden Administration’s border policies, see “The Coming Border Crisis” published last December.