Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation lauded the actions of Texas Governor Greg Abbott as a positive step forward to defend Texans and stop the flow of illegal drugs and human-trafficking into the United States. The Governor recently announced he will be exercising his legal power to enhance inspections of vehicles Texas from Mexico. The announcement comes as Texas begins to prepare for a crisis-level influx of undocumented migrants crossing the border once President Biden officially ends a policy known as Title 42. That policy instituted during the Trump Administration has helped to rapidly expel those who have crossed illegally.

“Thousands of individuals and tons of dangerous drugs are constantly crossing through our ports of entry and the Biden Administration is doing little to address it,” said Henneke. “TPPF commends Governor Abbott for recognizing this crisis and taking legal action to defend Texas and our southern border. Texas can’t continue to allow the trucks and vehicles that facilitate drug- and human-smuggling to breeze through our ports of entry uninspected. Though this may create a backup at the border and some economic pain, the Biden Administration has only itself to blame for causing the border crisis and putting Texas in this position.”

“The Biden Administration’s immigration and border policies have been an unmitigated disaster for America,” said TPPF Senior Distinguished Fellow and former Chief of U.S. Border Patrol Rodney Scott. “I applaud Governor Abbott for taking critical steps to defend Texans, improve the safety and security of border communities, and address the drug- and human-trafficking crisis.”