Today, The Texas Public Policy Foundation launched the National Center for Energy Analytics (NCEA), a new national energy think tank led by distinguished fellow Mark P. Mills and comprised of a team of world-class scholars dedicated to reality-driven energy analyses. The NCEA will produce credible, unbiased research on energy issues, both proactively and reacting to and correcting misinformation about the “energy transition” narrative. The NCEA will restore balance and inject more realism into national energy policy debates and promote sane energy policy analysis.


“It’s an honor to lead the new NCEA,” said Mark P. Mills. “Our goal is to provide sober-minded, fact-based, emotion-free perspectives in energy domains. There are high risks associated with making naïve assumptions about the hydrocarbon infrastructures that supply 80 percent of all energy for America and the world. But it’s an open secret that the entirely partisan Inflation Reduction Act, modern history’s most ambitious spending on industrial policy, is touted by its supporters as the so-called Green New Deal with the goal to replace hydrocarbons.”


NCEA’s Board of Advisors include:


Zabrina Johal

Terrence Keeley

Dr. Steven Koonin

Julio M. Ottino

Paul Tice

Dr. Scott W. Tinker


NCEA’s Senior Fellows include:


Tristan Abbey

Dr. Brent Bennett

Trisha Curtis

Prof. Gordon A. Hughes

Dr. Jonathan Lesser

Mark P. Mills

Bret Swanson

Paul Tice

Col. Terry Virts

Dr. Iddo K. Wernick