Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Chip Roy, director of the Center for Tenth Amendment Action, issued the following statement on the Senate passage of SCR 3. This resolution claims sovereignty for the state of Texas under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution.
“The Texas Senate is correct to call on the federal government to respect the people and the states in our federalist system,” said Roy. “For too long the powers-that-be in Washington, DC have assumed far too much power and stretched the bounds of the Constitution to the detriment of the American people, liberty, and free markets. A great place to start would be for Congress to honor its commitment—made multiple times over—to fully repeal Obamacare.”
Late last year TPPF released a road map for the Administration and Congress, “Restoring Liberty through the States—and the People,” which outlines a plan for America to re-center federal governance on only constitutionally enumerated powers, which maximize liberty and prosperity by leaving all other governing authority with the states, or the people.

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Chip Roy is Director of the Center for Tenth Amendment Action at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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