The Texas Public Policy Foundation released its full list of legislative priorities for Texas’s 88th legislative session in 2023. It includes more than 60 public policy reforms to improve education quality, lower taxes, ensure access to affordable and reliable energy, protect public safety, and make government more transparent and accountable to Texans, among others. Each issue set is divided into campaigns the foundation promotes through education, events, legislator outreach, and activist organization.

“At a time of historically low confidence in our national leadership, it is absolutely critical that Texas continues to be the beacon of freedom and prosperity,” said TPPF CEO Greg Sindelar. “Although Texas remains out in front on a number of important issues, we still have tremendous challenges we must tackle, namely, empowering parents to be in charge of their child’s education, eliminating property taxes, and guaranteeing reliable energy from our electric grid. TPPF will spend all this year informing, educating, and organizing Texans to make sure these reforms have the support they need within the legislature. Our team is excited and energized about the opportunity make our state the leader for families, workers, and businesses and above all keep Texas Texan.”

For the full list of TPPF’s Liberty Action agenda, click here.