Today, The Texas Public Policy Foundation published a new research paper on autonomous vehicles. After extensive research, the paper concludes that autonomous vehicle technology has progressed extensively in recent years despite technological hurdles. It also concludes that states like Texas should take it upon themselves to advance legislation that protects driver autonomy and privacy to help protect against potential threats that autonomous vehicles may have towards humanity.

“Self-driving cars have progressed rapidly over the past decade but as the technology becomes more advanced, we must ensure that human autonomy and freedom are prioritized,” said TPPF’s David Dunmoyer. “That’s why in the absence of federal law, states like Texas have to continue to step up and lead on this issue.”

“Neil Postman has correctly argued that technology is not additive, it’s ecological. Autonomous vehicles will not add to but fundamentally transform the transportation and logistics ecosystem,” said TPPF’s Zach Whiting. “Policymakers must be thoughtful to understand how and why this impacts humanity—in good and challenging ways.”

Read the full research paper here.