AUSTIN – In a compelling short video the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) explores the negative effects of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan on the Navajo Nation, the state of Arizona, and the Southwest United States where EPA’s burdensome regulation threatens to shut down two large power plants and coalmines. These operations provide substantial revenue and jobs for the Navajo Nation.
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"My district in the Southwest is directly impacted by a coal economy, as is the Navajo Nation as a whole, whose future is dependent on our natural resources,” said Arizona State Senator Carlyle Begay. “The Navajo Generating Station is a significant part of Arizona’s infrastructure, and creates reliable, well-paying jobs for a region that is in desperate need of expanded economic growth. EPA’s plan to close the Navajo Generating Station would be a massive and unfair blow for a community that heavily relies on the essential economic impact of the station. The employees of the Navajo Generating Station are able to provide for their families in a dignified manner. The energy generated at the facility provides reliable electricity for the Southwest, as well as the power needed to pump water to the rest of the state. We cannot allow these detrimental energy policies to make our communities take a step back to an era of scarcity, dependence, and uncertainty.”

“The Navajo Generating Station is a key source of energy for the entire state of Arizona, not to mention a major job provider in one of our most rural areas. Implementing the EPA's Clean Power Plan will have a devastating effect on both energy costs and local economies,” said Arizona House Speaker David Gowan. “I'm tired of the federal government throwing its weight around without any regard for local concerns, and the Clean Power Plan is a prime example – even the Arizona Republic called it ‘a profound expansion of the EPA's enforcement powers into areas that have been the domain of the states.’”

“We were honored to give voice to a story of the Navajo people, Arizona, and much of the Southwest in the face of the massive federal overreach that is the EPA’s Clean Power Plan,” said TPPF Vice President of National Initiatives Chuck DeVore. “Americans don’t know this story. They also don’t know that this 304-page regulation, if followed through, can increase electric bills by 30 percent or more across the nation.”

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