It’s common to see people on the Left throw the Nazi label at people on the Right—so common we’re almost desensitized to it. It’s something that has always frustrated me, primarily because it somehow implies that Nazism is the natural extension of the extreme Right.

It’s not. Nazi is a shortening of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei—National Socialist German Worker’s Party. Nazism is actually a socialist ideology. Nazism is actually a Leftist ideology, tied to national identity rather than the traditional Marxist class struggle.

Authoritarianism and the Left go hand-in-hand, and they always have. The Marxist class struggle ideology which permeates the philosophical foundation of progressive and New Left thought necessitates censorship. It necessitates the destruction of social and familial norms. It necessitates the violent oppression of dissidents.

Why? Because in that class struggle foundation of oppressor and oppressed, the Left discards any concept moral, ethical, or other non-scientific universal constants. These are merely trappings of a capitalist order, in this view. There is no concept of “truth” on the Left—the only truth is that there is no truth—so there is just the speech of those who are right and those who are wrong.

When there’s no truth and only speech, speech that disagrees with what is “correct” is violence.

Speech that undermines the correct-thinking of the Left’s trend-setters is violence.

Wrong-thinking—thought crime—is the highest crime, because it undermines the very philosophical foundation of the Left’s identity.

And the highest crime necessitates the strongest response.

Violence must be met with violence.

Understanding this mindset is key to understanding the grave miscarriage of justice in our country today. Of those on the Left who threw firebombs in the streets, looted, burned, and assaulted police officers, very few have been prosecuted for any of the violence of 2020.

Just a week ago, a Republican teen was run over and killed by a man after a political argument. He’s already out on bail.

In the wake of the Dobbs decision, Christian clinics, churches, and houses were vandalized, attacked, and firebombed. No one has been arrested to date.

Yet, at the same time, the federal government cracked down on thought criminals—Jan. 6 protestors who at most were guilty of breaking and entering, people who used force in self-defense against rioters and protestors, and, most recently, pro-life advocates.

Some of the people arrested, raided, or accused by the federal government have been or will eventually be freed, as our justice system still mostly works, and those who did commit crimes will face consequences—as is just.

And yet, the question remains: why does one side of the political aisle get a free pass, while the other gets higher levels of scrutiny at best, and unjust oppression at worst?

The answer: thought crimes are the highest crimes. Disagreement is violence.

Even discounting the raid on former President Trump’s home, Mar-a-Lago, it is becoming increasingly clear that the federal law enforcement, judicial, and prosecutorial authority is most interested in thought crimes than actual crimes.

We’re on track to having a two-tiered system of justice in America—one for the right-thinkers, one for the wrong-thinkers. Right-thinkers will be able to get away with physical crimes as long as they toe the ideological line, while wrong-thinkers will be punished for thought crimes.

We need to demand transparency and accountability from our federal government, especially in its miscarriage of justice. Otherwise, we may find ourselves on the sharp end of the very pointy stick of a police state.