Students should have access to career and technical education that will provide them in-demand skills for high wage professions, whether they are planning to attend college after graduation or not. Vocational education has a clear goal – imparting specific skills that are necessary for success in the workforce. Join TPPF’s Erin Valdez as she talks with leaders across Texas who are filling the educational gaps and empowering young Texans. #CTEMonth

Season 2 | College For All Isn’t Working For All

Episode 1: The Origins of Work Texas

Jim McIngvale, aka “Matress Mack,” founder of Gallery Furniture, and Mike Feinberg, co-founder of Kipp Charter Schools and Founder of the Texas School Venture Fund, join the Road to Recovery Podcast to discuss Work Texas and their efforts to empower young Texans.

Episode 2: A Texan Solution for Adult Students

Traci Berry, the Superintendent of Schools for the Goodwill Excel Center, and Iris Malena, a student of the Center, join the Road to Recovery podcast to discuss the Goodwill Excel Center’s mission and how they reengage adults with their education.

Episode 3: Success of Apprenticeships

Join TPPF’s Erin Davis Valdez and Tamar Jacoby, the leading researcher at Opportunity America, as they dive into recent research on the success of Kentucky’s FAME apprenticeship program.

Episode 4: Opening Doors to Tech

Join TPPF’s Erin Davis Valdez and Stephanie Valadez, Managing Director at Per Scholas in Dallas, in the discussion on how Per Scholas is creating change for underrepresented groups and developing skills so they enter the job market ready to succeed.

Episode 5: Construction Trades

Join TPPF’s Erin Davis Valdez and Kris Ali, a small business owner, in the discussion of why we need to bring back construction trades.


TPPF’s Leading experts walk us through the recovery agenda, the policies, people and procedures that help us rebuild after the Coronavirus.

Season 1

Episode 1: The Economy – A Crisis in Confidence?

TPPF’s Kevin Roberts looks at the effects government decisions to restrict economic activity in response to the epidemic are having on employers, workers, and communities in Texas and around the country. 

Episode 2: The State and Cities – Of Regulations and Rights

TPPF’s James Quintero warns that proponents of big government could be looking to cash in on the crisis and reminds us to be ever vigilant in the defense of our individual rights and liberties.  

Episode 3: Health Care – The Opportunity

TPPF’s David Balat sees a silver lining despite the panic and anxiety, and suggests there’s an opportunity for fundamental change in our health care system that puts patients first. 

Episode 4: Education – “We’re all homeschoolers now.”

TPPF’s Emily Sass takes us through how schools, teachers and parents are reacting to school shutdowns and highlights innovations like virtual learning that are helping students stay on top of their education.