Several groups from across the ideological spectrum came together yesterday to call on state lawmakers to shine a light on economic development deals.

The Left-Right coalition—consisting of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Public Citizen, TexPIRG, Americans for Prosperity—Texas, the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas, and Grassroots America: We the People—held a media call yesterday to call on the Texas Legislature “to repeal Section 551.087 of the Open Meetings Act and Section 552.131 of the Public Information Act, and enact measures to ensure full public involvement in, and understanding of, what’s happening in their government with regards to economic development deals.” The repeal of these sections would eliminate special protections for economic development deals done, largely, behind closed doors and help keep the public better informed.

While finding common ground between the Left and Right is becoming more and more difficult to do in today’s hyper-politicized environment, it’s heartening to see that there are still some areas that we, as Texans, can all agree—like the need for transparency and accountability in government, especially as it relates to economic development deals. 

To hear a clip from yesterday’s coalition call, please click here