For the seventh consecutive year, Texas is the leader in competitive electricity markets according to the Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States (ABACCUS) report.

Nat Treadway, lead author of the report, said:

In Texas, more than 300 different choices are available-somewhat like your grocery store cereal aisle-and this is a display of increased consumer participation and healthy competition. Competition and increased consumer shopping have prompted retail energy providers to deliver lower prices, and a great variety of innovative products and service choices.

The report confirms the Foundation’s recent research, The Reliable Texas Electricity Market: Resource Adequacy Hype Doesn’t Fit the Factsexamining the benefits consumers have experienced under Texas’ competitive electricity market. 

It also helps underscore the damage that would be done to consumers  if the Public Utility Commission of Texas forced a capacity market on Texas consumers–Capacity Markets Represent a Bad Bargain for Texas Consumers. Not only would the associated $3.2 billion electricity tax raise prices for consumers, but the heavy regulation of the market would greatly reduce competition and consumer choice.