The ability of Texas landowners to use their property for its highest and best use is vital to the growth and prosperity of Texas and its counties. Public policy favors the productive use of land. Spite strips, like the one at issue in this case, do one thing and one thing only: prevent property owners from putting their property to its highest and best use.

Kerr County’s responsibilities include ensuring well-connected county infrastructure for the benefit of its citizens and the businesses located within its borders. The spite strip bisecting Petitioner Teal Trading and Development’s property prevents Kerr County from fulfilling its responsibilities to its citizens, hampers growth and economic development, and cuts off Kerr County citizens from the facilities, infrastructure, and emergency services to which they are entitled.

Kerr County respectfully urges this Court to grant Petitioner’s petition for review so that this Court can give guidance to the lower courts in Texas, and to Texas counties and property owners, on this vitally important legal issue.