Subject: ATF FFL Revocation Concerns

Dear Director Dettelbach,

We have received reports of a growing amount of Federal Firearms License (FFL) revocations, all
occurring at the direction of the Biden Administration. We are concerned the overzealous enforcement of minor paperwork errors is shuttering the doors of hardworking businesses and infringing on the Second Amendment in
the process, including hardworking businesses across Iowa. Just recently, an Iowa FFL in the Des Moines area reported to us they had to give up their license due to clerical errors that were not willfully committed, and we are aware of another Iowa FFL who is currently working through the revocation process under similar
circumstances. From our conversations with Iowa FFLs, only the largest businesses can afford the dedicated staff necessary to survive the Administration’s crackdown on FFLs. While we understand and support regular
compliance checks, revoking FFL licenses based on minor clerical errors appears to be focused on shutting down businesses rather than improving public safety. These types of revocations are distracting the ATF from the more necessary work of combating violent crime while the United States continues to suffer from an
unprecedented surge in murders.