Hypocrisy runs deep in D.C., especially when it comes to the border.

Today during a Congressional budget hearing, we got to witness yet another example of leftist hypocrisy when Democratic Congresswoman Lauren Underwood of Illinois talked about migrants going to sanctuary cities.

Her issue was not the influx of migrants due to our open southern border. Instead, she claimed Illinois isn’t getting enough federal funding to shelter migrants, and also that it’s unfair how much more money Texas is getting than Illinois is.

Oh, she also criticized “the inhumane bussing of migrants arriving at our southern border to blue states.”

All of these issues demonstrate her fundamental lack of understanding of cause-and-effect that the Left demonstrates when it comes to the border.

Yes, Illinois has more illegal migrants than it can afford to handle—but why? Is it because Texas is bussing migrants to their sanctuary cities—cities that publicly asked for migrants? No, of course not—the Biden administration is also flying migrants across the country, many into Texas.

Yes, Texas is also getting more federal funding than Illinois for sheltering migrants. Is it because Texas is being shown favoritism by Biden administration? No, on the contrary—the Biden administration has done everything it can to undermine Texas’ efforts to deal with its border.

So, what is the cause? Is Illinois struggling because of, as the member of Congress claims, the “inhumane” and “anti-immigrant” policies of southern states?

No, of course not.

Illinois is struggling to provide shelter to immigrants because our border is open. It’s struggling because it’s gotten just a tiny fraction of the tide of illegal immigration that has crashed upon our southern border—and even that tiny fraction is too much for it.

The Left would like to have its cake and eat it, too. It wants the tide of illegal immigration to continue unabated, but it also doesn’t want to foot the bill.

The hard truth is none of the states dealing with the influx of migrants should have to be spending the amount of money we are. These migrants should never have been released into the U.S. in the first place.

Failed federal policies and lack of immigration enforcement are what has put us where we are today. Instead of blaming Texas—which is doing more than the federal government to secure its southern border—D.C. leaders should be holding the president accountable for the safety and security of our nation. Democrats and Republicans alike need to stand together and demand the end of catch-and-release policies and closing the loopholes in the asylum system. Further, they should be fighting the sanctuary policies that make it easier for criminals to break the law and be shielded from the consequences.

It’s easy to sit in an ivory tower in the Windy City and talk about all the good you’re doing when you don’t have to pay for it—it’s much harder to foot the bill. But that’s exactly what the Left wants Texas to do—foot the bill so that it can talk about all the good it’s doing.

If that’s not hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.