Being born and raised along the Texas-Mexico border, I have firsthand experience of how the border crisis and the threat of domestic terrorism has heightened. After three years and more than 10 million illegal aliens, and after a growing increase in military base breaches, enough is enough. What more is it going to take for the Biden-Harris administration to realize our border security crisis is an ongoing terrorism threat?

The link between illegal immigration and terrorism is becoming increasingly apparent. News reports dating back to January of 2024 proves there have been multiple breaches by illegal aliens on United States military installations nationwide. The first of the breaches at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas, took place back in January 2024. Later, in an eight-day span, two more breaches at Laughlin Air Force Base occurred on May 23 and 31.

These breaches are not isolated incidents. Another instance of illegal aliens committing acts of terrorism took place at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California. The act of terrorism happened on March 27, 2024. An unidentified Chinese national with no authorization disregarded orders and refused to leave. This act of defiance highlights the potential for illegal immigrants to engage in activities that threaten national security.

On May 3, two Jordanian nationals breached Marine Corps Base Quantico. How did they get there? One had crossed the southern border illegally, while the other overstayed a student visa. The two posed as Amazon deliverymen, but upon screening, failed to follow orders and unsuccessfully attempted to ram through barriers with a delivery truck. Although the incident was very serious, base personnel were not informed until two weeks later.

Why was the breach at Marine Corps Base Quantico not unveiled until two weeks after the incident? There is no acceptable answer. American citizens deserve full transparency and to be well-informed.

It took a nationwide collaboration from a multitude of political figures and legislators to get even the little information we’ve seen released. Thirteen U.S. senators sent a letter to DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas, and the House Homeland Security committee sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin, and Sec. Mayorkas demanding they release information on the attack at Marine Corps Base Quantico. Despite these efforts, the identities of the Jordanian nationals are still unknown. Additionally, the case information on the individual who overstayed his student visa is still unreleased.

Now, in the latter part of his presidency, Joe Biden claims to be taking action to close the border through presidential proclamations used from the Trump era. Our president is not always clear in his intentions, and evidently, transparency is not the priority. With the election approaching, focus has shifted to campaigns. It is ironic that approval rating is the primary reason behind Biden “closing the border.”

Unfortunately, Biden’s supposed “closing the border” attempt does anything but close the border. It establishes a sense of urgency that continues to encourage illegal aliens to seek asylum. The proclamation is full of loopholes, such as the CHNV Program, CBP One app, or claiming fear to return.

As the weeks go by, more reports are uncovering crimes committed by illegal aliens. Murder, child rape, sexual assault, drug trafficking, robbery, gang affiliation are among the multitude of crimes on the rise. Additionally, during fiscal year 2024, so far, over 200 federal agents have been assaulted by illegal aliens.

One recent shooting occurred on June 3, 2024, in New York City. Venezuelan illegal alien Castro Mata, 19, shot two NYPD officers. Mata illegally entered the U.S. through Eagle Pass, Texas.

With the recent and increasing military base incidents, concern is warranted. How many illegal aliens are in our nation undetected, and on the terrorist watchlist? If one terrorism-related attack happens, surely more can be expected.

The recent apprehension of eight illegal aliens connected to ISIS underscores the urgent need for stronger border security measures. This alarming incident proves that illegal immigration can directly facilitate terrorist activities within our borders. To address this threat effectively, we must demand that the Senate pass H.R. 2, which the House passed in 2023.

We also need a president who will take full responsibility for our nation’s security.

It’s time for decisive action and unwavering transparency. The security of our nation and the safety of our citizens depend on it. We must acknowledge the clear and present danger posed by illegal immigration and take the necessary steps to protect our country from the heightening threat of terrorism.