Today, The Texas Public Policy Foundation released a video detailing instances of adult material, racist lessons, and anti-parent activity going on in schools across Texas. Research shows these examples occur in rural, suburban, and urban schools at all grade levels among every socioeconomic stratum and regardless of how high or low a school or district is ranked academically. The video, “Even in Texas,” features parents describing their knowledge of highly sexualized and pornographic material being available to students, stories of school officials engaging in anti-parent activity, and news outlets reporting on the effort of parents to protect their children.

“Radical indoctrination and the prevalence of extremely inappropriate material in schools in not just a big city problem. It’s everywhere,” said TPPF’s Mandy Drogin. “And if parents weren’t shocked enough by the graphic sexual material being made available to their children, the pushback from school boards, administrators, and radicalized teachers has been truly unbelievable. Schools should be a place of rigorous academic learning, not political propaganda, graphic sexual material, and divisive hurtful classroom activities.”

The video is part of a statewide campaign to educate parents about the significant threat posed by so-called “woke” and radical gender ideology permeating every corner of Texas’ education system – not matter how small or large the community.

“The first step toward a solution is knowing that there is a serious problem and understanding that this can – and likely already is – happening anywhere,” Drogin added. “Parents who have seen this material and have experienced the pushback firsthand are demanding that policymakers empower parents to give them the support they need. That means transparency, quality, respect, and choice in our system.”