AUSTIN, Texas – The US Supreme Court today upheld the Cleveland, OH, school voucher program, clearing away obstacles for more wide-spread use of the school choice vehicle. The following statement was issued today by Texas Public Policy Foundation president and CEO Jeff Judson:

“This is a great day for all parents and children; they have received emancipation from unsafe, failing schools. TPPF has always maintained that parents, not bureaucrats or politicians, know the educational needs of their children. Even the poorest of parents should be free to choose safe schools that will educate their children. The Supreme Court ruling makes it clear parents and children do indeed have freedom of choice, and that vouchers are constitutional.

Latino and African-American students across the nation are taking advantage of vouchers at every opportunity, and those students are thriving. This is a great step forward for equal rights – no longer are poor, minority children shackled to unsafe, failing public schools.

“The right of poor parents to choose good schools for their children has withstood the assault of liberal interest groups and teacher unions. State leaders must now allow Texas parents to exercise their constitutional rights by passing a school choice bill in the next legislative session.”