The Trump Administration’s health care agenda will reverse much of the damage done to patients and America’s health care system after a decade of Obamacare, as well as lower health care costs and increase personalized options, according to health care experts at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

“The broken promises of Obamacare are famous – we couldn’t keep our plans or our doctors, health care premiums skyrocketed, access to providers dropped, and protecting ‘pre-existing conditions’ didn’t stop people from going bankrupt or keep them healthy,” said TPPF’s Director of Right on Healthcare David Balat. “Instead, Obamacare cemented the unholy alliance between the government and the insurance companies to control and limit our access to care, drive up prices and profits for the middlemen, and further complicate our health care system.

“Today’s announcement by the President forges a new path in health care that puts patients at the center of our system. Price transparency, for example, is a simple but foundational reform that will tip the scales toward giving Americans more control over their health care dollars, saving them money and giving them greater peace of mind,” Balat added. “Similarly, building upon the administration’s efforts to lower drug prices, end surprise billing, telehealth, and freeing up options like direct primary care will allow patients to personalize the plans that fit their budget and health care needs.

“And, of course, America must protect the promise to our seniors, while developing a plan for those trapped between being unable to afford healthcare but also ineligible for assistance,” said Balat. “Congress has largely let one of the most important issues in the country fall by the wayside. We commend President Trump’s leadership in putting it front and center again and focusing on reforms that patients back in charge of their care.”