The Texas Public Policy Foundation released the following statement regarding the proposed House bill creating education savings accounts:

“The proposed House ESA bill is a win for parents and students across Texas,” said TPPF CEO Greg Sindelar. “The program is truly universal, allowing every student in Texas to be eligible for an education savings account. It benefits underserved families, focusing on disabled and low-income students first to ensure those who need it most will have priority access. And it provides the necessary resources to parents to customize their child’s education. This proposal genuinely puts parents in the driver’s seat. TPPF thanks Governor Abbott, Chairman Buckley, and the members who worked tirelessly to empower parents across Texas.“

“The proposed Texas ESA gives parents the choices they need to do what’s best for their kids,” said TPPF Campaign Director Mandy Drogin. “It makes sure the money follows the child, no parent is left behind, and students with the most to gain are served first. ESAs will improve academic quality, foster parental engagement, and ensure schools are the partners parents deserve.”

To read TPPF’s bill summary one-pager, click here.