Today, attorneys from the Texas Public Policy Foundation attended a Supreme Court of Texas hearing to determine the constitutionality of Texas Senate Bill 14, which protects children from harmful and experimental medical procedures while safeguarding parental rights. TPPF recently filed an amicus brief affirming that the bill does not infringe on fundamental parental rights protected by the Due Course of Law provision in the Texas Constitution. 

“The oral arguments presented today clearly demonstrate that the court does not need to weaken precedent protecting parental rights in order to uphold SB 14,” said Chance Weldon, director of litigation for TPPF’s Center for the American Future. 

TPPF Vice President of Policy Andrew Brown added, “Today’s oral argument confirmed what Texans know to be true—parental rights, while expansive, do not extend to allowing parents to consent to subjecting their children to experimental and harmful sex trait modification procedures. We are confident the Supreme Court of Texas will affirm that SB 14 is constitutional.” 

To read the amicus brief TPPF filed in the case, click here.


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