Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation announced the filing of an amicus brief ahead of the state’s oral arguments on January 30th, defending Texas Senate Bill 14. This crucial legislation protects children from harmful and experimental medical procedures while safeguarding parental rights and must be affirmed as constitutional.

“Senate Bill 14 is critical legislation that protects the health and wellbeing of children against experimental and harmful sex trait modification procedures,” said TPPF Associate Vice President of Policy Andrew Brown. “Rather than infringing on parents’ rights, this legislation safeguards children and their families from the irreparable harm that these procedures inflict.”

“Our brief affirms that Senate Bill 14 is constitutional and does not infringe on fundamental parental rights protected by the Due Course of Law provision in the Texas Constitution,” said Chance Weldon, director of litigation for TPPF’s Center for the American Future. “But we urge the court to reject the State’s broader argument that parental rights should receive no protection under Texas law. The court does not need to gut parental rights in Texas to find that SB 14 is constitutional. We are confident that the Supreme Court of Texas will agree that parental rights guaranteed by the Texas Constitution, while expansive, clearly do not extend to consenting to providing harmful and irreversible sex trait modification procedures to children.”

To read the full brief, please click here.