The Texas Public Policy Foundation commends the actions of the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for seeking judicial review of Biden’s Executive Order freezing lawful deportation of undocumented individuals for 100 days.

“Biden’s executive order pen does not allow him to violate federal law, which the Court correctly found does not allow the President to stop legal deportations,” said TPPF General Counsel Robert Henneke. “We must not throw open our nation’s borders and invite another humanitarian crisis along the southern border.”

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton issued a temporary injunction preventing the order from taking effect until the case can be reviewed.

“The new administration’s sudden drive to undermine and hamstring U.S. immigration law enforcement at virtually every turn has no credible justification and is counterproductive and harmful to the nation’s best interests,” said Ken Oliver, senior director of TPPF’s Right on Immigration campaign. “The foreseeable effect of the President’s decision to not execute his duties to deport unlawfully present migrants from our country will result in a humanitarian crisis of epic proportion on our southern border.”