AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation issued the following statement on Gov. Perry’s directive to seek a Medicaid block grant:

“The Governor’s directive to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to seek a Medicaid block grant is a welcome move to place the future of texas healthcare into Texans hands,” said Arlene Wohlgemuth, Executive Director and Director of the Center for Health Care Policy. “We commend Gov. Perry for directing the state down this path. A block grant for Medicaid would mean a Medicaid program that serves the actual needs of Texans rather than the aspirations of Washington, D.C. With the looming disaster of ObamaCare, it is all too clear that a working healthcare system has as its inescapable prerequisite liberation from the bad ideas of Washington, D.C.”

“Texas Public Policy Foundation has been at the forefront of in depth and detailed research on a Medicaid block grant for Texas,” said John Davidson, Center for Health Care Policy Analyst. “This past spring we issued a groundbreaking paper on just how a Medicaid block grant will work and why it is the best option for the Lone Star State. Gov. Perry’s move is a welcome step in the right direction.”

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