Today, the Texas Senate gave approval to Senate Bill 10, a bill to stop cities and counties from using tax dollars to lobby. By prohibiting certain political subdivisions from using public money to hire registered lobbyists to advocate at the legislature, the Texas Senate has taken a vital step toward ending a pernicious practice that enables higher taxes, more spending, and bigger government.

“Governments should not pay lobbyists with tax dollars. It’s a violation of the public trust, a misuse of public money, and a break with public opinion,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “Poll after poll confirms that the vast majority of Texans want this anti-taxpayer practice ended. Kudos to the Texas Senate for listening to the voice of Texans everywhere.”

The Details:

  • Local governments spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on lobbyists every year.
  • Polls routinely show nearly all Texans oppose spending tax dollars on lobbyists.
  • Senate Bill 10 wouldn’t limit the ability of local officials to communicate with state representatives or state agency officials in any way.