Texans are famous for their independence. But it appears there’s at least one thing the vast majority agree on: government should not be spending Texans’ hard-earned tax dollars on lobbyists.

According to a survey of registered voters in Texas from WPA Intelligence, 91% oppose using tax dollars to fund lobbyists, with 80% saying they strongly oppose it.

As TPPF’s Chuck Devore testified in March, “In 2017, local Texas governments spent up to $41 million of taxpayer funds to influence state legislation.” This sum is a low-ball estimate because it “does not include funds spent on salary or travel for government employees whose full-time or part-time job is to lobby.”

And what do Texans get from the tax-funded lobbyists? Higher spending and higher taxes.

Governments are using Texans’ tax dollars to push for more spending, higher property taxes, less accountability, and transparency, all the while making sure these high-priced lobbying firms get their cut.

The Texas House is set to have an important debate on this issue tomorrow. Stand with the 91% of Texans who oppose taxpayer-funded lobbying and contact your legislators today to let them know.

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