AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation released a limited series podcast, “The Road to Recovery,” highlighting critical issues facing the country as Americans navigate the effects of dealing with a national pandemic.  

“While the health care challenges we face are great, that’s certainly not the full picture,” said Brian Phillips, TPPF’s Chief Communications Officer and host of “The Road to Recovery” podcast. “Our economy, our families, and basic institutions of civil society are all taking a hit. It’s important that as we think about how to get through the current crisis, we also consider what we’ll be facing when we come out on the other side. Preparing now, making wise public policy choices, and not doing irreparable harm to the future will all help speed up our recovery and get our lives back together.”  

The four-part series focuses on the economy, health careeducation, and the response from states and cities through the work of TPPF’s leading experts and the Foundation’s Recovery Agenda, policy priorities for the state, local, and federal officials. Each episode discusses our current challenges and the solutions needed to move down the road to recovery.   

Road to Recovery Episode 1: The Economy – A Crisis in Confidence? 

TPPF’s Kevin Roberts looks at the effects government decisions to restrict economic activity in response to the epidemic are having on employers, workers, and communities in Texas and around the country. 

Road to Recovery Episode 2: The State and Cities – Of Regulations and Rights 

TPPF’s James Quintero warns that proponents of big government could be looking to cash in on the crisis and reminds us to be ever vigilant in the defense of our individual rights and liberties.  

Road to Recovery Episode 3: Health Care – The Opportunity  

TPPF’s David Balat sees a silver lining despite the panic and anxiety, and suggests there’s an opportunity for fundamental change in our health care system that puts patients first.  

Road to Recovery Episode 4: Education – “We’re all homeschoolers now.” 

TPPF’s Emily Sass takes us through how schools, teachers and parents are reacting to school shutdowns and highlights innovations like virtual learning that are helping students stay on top of their education. 

Road to Recovery is available for streaming here: