AUSTIN – As Gov. Greg Abbott officially called for a special session yesterday, the Texas Public Policy Foundation unveiled the “Legislator’s Guide to the Issues: Special Session Edition,” focusing on three main policy themes of the special session: empowering Texas families, defending local liberty and promoting statewide reform.

         “This special session is a real opportunity to enact comprehensive conservative reform, the kind of changes Texans need right now,” said Brooke Rollins, president and CEO of TPPF. “This legislator’s guide to the issues lays out some of the most important policies legislators should consider during the special session.”

          “This edition of the legislator’s guide continues Texas Public Policy Foundation’s tradition of providing Texas lawmakers and all Texans with timely insight and information,” said Kevin Roberts, Ph.D. and executive vice president of TPPF. “The legislative agenda for this special legislative session is a robust one, and our scholars and researchers are ready to help lawmakers address these issue on behalf of all Texans.”

To see the full legislator’s guide, please visit:

Brooke Rollins is the president and CEO of Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Dr. Kevin Roberts is the executive vice president of Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Registration for Policy Orientation for the Special Session is now open to media and the public! 

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