AUSTIN – As part of the justification for their land seizure along the Red River, the Bureau of Land Management states that it had an obligation to do so based on its duty to the public. However, the public are being increasingly excluded from their historical use and access of public lands. The Texas Public Policy’s (TPPF) Center for the American Future will host the panel, “Red River Property Rights: Who Are the ‘Public’ That Public Lands Belong To?” at the 15th Annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm CST at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol.
“Government continues to amass ownership of property in the name of the public good. Over 80% of Nevada is owned by the federal government,” said the Honorable Robert Henneke, director of the Center for the American Future at TPPF. “In Texas, the Bureau of Land Management is claiming that its public lands in Oklahoma extend across the Red River. Yet, with most government owned land, the public has limited rights to access, if any. As the government adds thousands and thousands of acres for the public, but excludes the people, we must ask what the purpose is for public lands.”
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