The Texas Public Policy’s (TPPF) Center for Effective Justice will host the panel, “Policing in Texas: Successes, Shortcomings, and a Path Forward” at the 15th Annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 1:30 pm CST at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol. The panelists will discuss some of the prevalent topics in policing, including militarization, community policing, and focused deterrence, and how these policies can be implemented in a manner that facilitates trust and cooperation with local communities.

“Recent events involving police shootings and use of force have reverberated around the country,” said Randy Petersen, senior researcher with the Center for Effective Justice at TPPF. “What began as a peaceful protest in Dallas and ended in the tragic murder of five police officers is a stunning reminder that Texas is not immune to the national struggles that face law enforcement. The path forward in Texas will include a rebuilding of the strained relationships between our protectors and our communities, and we will be better for it.”
For over fourteen years, the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Policy Orientation has been one of the nation’s top policy conferences, selling out each year while bringing together lawmakers, policy experts, and engaged citizens to discuss critical issues facing the Lone Star State and America. 

Members of the public and media who wish to attend may register and view the agenda at:
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Randy Petersen is a senior researcher with the Center for Effective Justice and the Right on Crime project at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. 

Registration for the 2017 Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature is now open to media and the public! 

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