AUSTIN – Texas Public Policy Foundation experts agreed President Trump’s speech on the State of the Union put forth an aspirational vision for America. In addition to including many reforms and policy areas important to TPPF, it also called on the country to embrace what the president calls our ‘new American moment.’
“I applaud him for stirring our American spirit to noble aims, for infusing optimism into our discourse, and for animating our uniquely American ‘can-do’ attitude,” said TPPF Executive Vice President Kevin Roberts. “That zeal has been sorely lacking in our national discourse, so it’s refreshing to see it re-awakened.”
“It’s also been lacking in our schools,” Roberts continued, referring to the president’s reminder of “our civic duty as Americans.” “Too many students are beset with revisionist history that ignores or even belittles the heroes of our republic, and misinforms students about the principles on which our great nation was founded. Here in Texas, and all across America, the Texas Public Policy Foundation will lead the charge to take back the teaching of our shared heritage, so that this ‘new American moment’ can inspire the next generation of American heroes.”
TPPF’s Chuck DeVore weighed in on the president’s success in reducing regulations: “The red tape burden is a hidden tax on the American worker about as large as federal income taxes. President Trump has cut this regulatory burden more than has any president in history. Combined with the tax cut and reforms, reducing regulations will unleash American entrepreneurs, businesses, and workers to compete internationally and prosper at home.”
“We are inspired by President Trump’s clarion call for giving a second chance to people who have been incarcerated but now have the potential to be law-abiding citizens, contributing the strength of our economy and the fabric of American life,” said Marc Levin, Vice President of Criminal Justice at TPPF. “We have been working with the White House for months to make second chances a reality and are confident that this administration’s deep commitment to this issue will lead to greater public safety as many Americans with a troubled past find redemption and hope.”
“By ending the war on American Energy, the Administration has restored the rule of law to agencies such as the EPA that will end energy poverty and ensure prosperity through access to reliable, affordable energy for all Americans,” said TPPF’s General Counsel Rob Henneke. “The President has ended the Clean Power Plan and eliminated burdensome regulations on energy production that bore little relationship to environmental protection. By this President recognizing the need for balance between protecting the environment and unlocking the abundant natural resources that America has at its disposal, our economy will continue to prosper in providing a better future for generations to come.”
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