AUSTIN— Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published the policy perspective, Effect on Patient Care of H.R. 1384 “Medicare for All.”

“Healthcare systems exist to optimize the health of individuals through timely access to necessary care,” said Dr. Deane Waldman, MD MBA, distinguished senior fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “The U.S. healthcare system is failing the American people and America.”

While claiming “to establish an improved Medicare for All national health insurance program,” H.R. 1384 is, in fact, a total takeover of healthcare by the federal government.

Key Points:

  • By entitling everyone, “Medicare for All” takes away Americans’ freedom.
  • “Medicare for All” limits consumer choice and restricts both medical facilities and treatments available to patients.
  • “Medicare for All” claims to insure everyone but in fact reduces access to care.
  • “Medicare for All” suppresses free-market forces in health care.
  • “Medicare for All” prohibits the sale of private health insurance.

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