On Thursday, April 28, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas will appear before the House Committee on the Judiciary to give testimony and take questions. The Texas Public Policy Foundation has assembled several topics that deserve to be addressed by the secretary. 

“Given Texas’ unique position as Ground Zero in the border security and immigration crisis created and exacerbated by the Biden administration, we hope Secretary Mayorkas will cover several issues that are critical for the future security of the state and border communities, in particular,” said Ken Oliver, Senior Director of Right on Immigration, a TPPF initiative. “Specifically, we want to see full accounting of the decisions that went into recklessly reversing a number of programs begun during the Trump administration that were beginning to turn the tide at the border. Furthermore, we want to know what future efforts the administration plans to take in order to get the security situation under control and protect Texans and their communities.”  

Five Questions for Sec. Mayorkas: 

  1. The Trump-era policy known as Migrant Protection Protocols was the most instrumental policy driving the reduction of the flow of illegal migration. What went into the decision to end it and has the administration looked at restarting it? 
  2. The Biden administration suspended the Asylum Cooperative Agreements with all three Northern Triangle Countries which helped mitigate the abuse of America’s asylum policy. How is the administration evaluating and prioritizing legitimate asylum claims over those who are intentionally abusing the system—who are being allowed to cross illegally and stay in the U.S.? 
  3. One of President Biden’s first acts as president was to end new construction of the border wall. What action has the Biden administration taken since that time to provide effective barriers at the border to deter illegal migration? 
  4. During President Biden’s administration, hundreds (thousands?) of Border Patrol Agents have been relegated to act as immigration case processing officers and doing other administrative work leaving the vast majority of our international borders completely undefended. What is the Biden administration doing to ensure that Border Patrol officers are prioritizing their critical work defending the border and stopping dangerous drug—and human trafficking into the country? 
  5. According to a recent ABC News report, your department estimated that “up to 18,000 migrants could be apprehended at the border each day if Title 42 were to be lifted.” Is the administration still moving forward with a plan to end Title 42 and what help is it prepared to provide to border communities that will have to handle and endure the influx of illegal migrants? 

Bonus question: 

  • What is your department’s estimate of the percentage of migrants entering the U.S. between the ports of entry at the country’s southwestern border who are assisted in their journey to and/or crossing of that border over the last six (6) months?