Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation denounces the Biden administration’s dereliction of its duty to secure our southern border. With the end of Title 42 public health restrictions along the U.S. border, the Biden administration will have completed its catastrophic dismantling of the successful border security policies it inherited in January of 2021. TPPF CEO Greg Sindelar released the following statement:

“This administration’s chronic border mismanagement and appeasement of lawlessness has real world consequences, including in El Paso, as our Border Security Coalition saw the consequences for themselves this week.

“Lives will be lost, drugs will be smuggled that will kill more of our citizens, and more adults and minors alike will be exploited because of the ending of Title 42. We urge Congress and the Texas Legislature to fulfill its commitment to pass effective solutions to the border crisis, as the federal government fails to act.“

To learn more about the policy options, at the state and federal level, that TPPF’s Secure & Sovereign Texas and Right on Immigration campaigns have promoted, please click here.