America’s immigration policy has been mired in gridlock and dysfunction for decades. With a record of research and coalition-building that drives solutions to some of the nation’s thorniest challenges, the Texas Public Policy Foundation is tackling this issue through its Right on Immigration initiative, which highlights policies that secure the border and restore the rule of law as we fix and improve legal immigration to the United States of America.

Right on Immigration is grounded on the principle that America is a nation of laws, and as such must have borders and enforce its laws impartially and consistently. Further, our immigration system must serve the overall best interest of America and Americans, address our abused asylum process, give no quarter to the scourge of human trafficking and recognize that states have a role as partners in this area with the federal government.

In its research and educational activities, Right on Immigration is unique in its thorough examination of both the benefits and the costs of each immigration policy matter under study. The initiative’s initial research in 2019, such as Whose Border? and A Brief History of Border Security set the stage for further analysis and work, including the paper Towards A 21st Century Asylum System and the ongoing formation of a Border Security Coalition among state and national leaders and organizations.

Right on Immigration holds that securing America’s southern border, nearly two thirds of which runs through Texas, is the prerequisite without which any other changes to U.S. immigration law cannot be made. Building upon that foundation, Right on Immigration supports the development of an immigration system that is primarily merit-based and adjusted to the country’s overall best interests in terms of economic competitiveness, national security and social cohesion.

As Right on Immigration drives much needed solutions in this policy arena, it will continue to forthrightly address ever-changing challenges and opportunities, as well as emphasize state-based angles and strategies. Getting immigration policy right must include an active role for the states, that allows local priorities to be taken into account. As part of this process – and since policy begins with persuasion – the initiative is leveraging the communication capacities of both its Austin and Washington, D.C.-based team as well as those of its allied partners, across all the leading media platforms.

To view Right on Immigration’s Statement of Principles, click here.