AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published the paper Leadership in Policing: A Bottom-Up Approach which examines different approaches to leadership in policing and offers a successful model and plan for leading police organizations.

“Law enforcement traditionally followed a quasi-military approach to leadership,” said Sheriff (Ret) Currie Myers, Ph.D., MBA, senior visiting fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “In recent years there has been a greater interest in a more ground-up approach which is more inclusive and accepting of employees, the citizens of the community, and the greater business community, and their opinions and suggestions for goal setting of the law enforcement departments’ plans.”

Key Points

  • The top-down approach to law enforcement management offers limited ideas and solutions.
  • The bottom-up approach to law enforcement stimulates thoughts and ideas at the ground level.
  • The bottom-up approach to law enforcement takes into consideration key stakeholders such as the community and business leaders in setting annual goals for the department.

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