AUSTIN – Today, Governor Greg Abbott released the Texas Safety Action Report, which recommends policy solutions to combat gun violence. The Texas Public Policy Foundation commends the concerted effort to keep our communities safe from gun violence of all stripes while preserving natural rights.

“We fully recognize that there is no legislative fix for the evil that can live in man’s heart and are deeply concerned when politicians use fundamental liberties as a political football,” said Derek Cohen, Ph.D., director of TPPF’s Center for Effective Justice. “However, these proposals seek to prioritize public safety by targeting correlates of both mass shootings and street crime, all while holding inviolate the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Texans.”

“The common theme of these recommendations is to better equip state actors to anticipate, prohibit, and punish illegal gun possession and use. This includes making more tools available for prosecutors and law enforcement,” Cohen continued. “Additionally, it encourages voluntary participation in additional screening at purchase should a firearms dealer wish to offer the additional service.”