Austin—Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation commended the Trump administration for its ongoing efforts to limit government and reduce burdensome federal regulations by ensuring its judicial nominees are committed to reining in federal bureaucracies.

TPPF's executive director, Dr. Kevin Roberts said limiting government is key to increasing opportunity and prosperity for Americans.
“Texas has led the way on reducing regulations and freeing Texans to pursue their own aims,” he said. “It’s heartening to see the President’s commitment to this same vision of a free and prosperous America in which families, not federal bureaucracies, take priority.”
Added Rob Henneke, general counsel and director of TPPF’s Center for the American Future, “In too many instances to count, federal agencies have decided for themselves how far their powers extend. At TPPF, we have pushed back against federal overreach on issues as varied as the Bureau of Land Management’s attempt to seize private lands, to abuses of the Endangered Species Act, to the ill-considered Waters of the U.S. rule. We now have a President who understands how destructive an out-of-control federal government can be.”

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