The Texas Public Policy Foundation on Monday commended Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Paul Bettencourt and Rep. Briscoe Cain for their strong statements on election integrity, affirming that voter fraud is real and that we must pass reforms that ensure all eligible voters vote.

As Gov. Abbott noted, “We must work to reduce the potential for voter fraud in Texas. Any voter fraud that takes place sows seeds of distrust, and protecting against fraud is and historically has been a bipartisan issue.”

We heartily agree.

TPPF’s Executive Director Kevin Roberts responded, “The Governor has rightly prioritized election integrity and protecting our most essential of rights, we applaud his designation of this as an emergency item and further remarks that if our legislators get him a strong package that protects and improves our system, he will sign it.”

Vice President of National Initiatives Chuck DeVore further said, “Sen. Bettencourt and Chairman Cain have correctly noted that policy protecting elections is a legislator’s constitutional responsibility, and ensuring the same standards apply and rules are consistent from El Paso to Harris County is their legislative mandate.”