The Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Texas Attorney General’s Office have successfully defended a recent election integrity measure: S.B. 1111.

The plaintiffs filed suit seeking to invalidate S.B. 1111 in 2021. That law’s aim is to ensure Texans are voting in the correct precinct where they reside. For example, the law requires voters that were using non-residential addresses, such as post-office boxes, for voter registration to prove they live in the precinct. It also prohibits voters from using a business address or a previous residence for registration purposes.

After hearing arguments from TPPF and the Texas Attorney General’s Office last October, the Fifth Circuit dismissed the plaintiffs’ suit in a published opinion.

The plaintiffs challenging the law, however, refused to concede defeat and filed a petition for a writ of certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court. TPPF and the Texas Attorney General’s Office filed a brief, defending the dismissal of the suit and urging the Supreme Court to deny review. Yesterday, the Supreme Court did just that and denied the petition for review.

“This is a great result,” said TPPF Senior Attorney Autumn Hamit Patterson. “The U.S. Supreme Court correctly recognized that there’s no reason to review the Fifth Circuit’s opinion.”

“Texans should celebrate that S.B. 1111 will continue to remain in effect,” added TPPF’s Director of Litigation, Chance Weldon. “It’s an important tool to help ensure that Texans are voting in the correct precinct, so ineligible votes are not nullifying eligible votes.”


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