AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation, one of the nation’s premier state-based think tanks, has acquired 901 Congress Avenue, a mere few hundred feet from the south steps of the Texas State Capitol, as its new permanent headquarters.

“When I arrived here nearly a decade ago, this Foundation was a small operation with a handful of people in San Antonio,” said Foundation President Brooke Rollins. “Now we are a nationally-relevant, Texas-focused, Austin-based policy institution with more than 30 personnel. We affect policy across the country, and media around the world. The purchase of 901 Congress for our new home marks what Churchill called ‘the end of the beginning.’ Our achievements in our old locations, great as they were, are just the prelude to what comes next.

“At 901 Congress, the Texas Public Policy Foundation will write the next chapters in the never-ending fight to keep the Lone Star State prosperous and free.”

“The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s purchase of 901 Congress is partly a reflection of its sound financial stewardship, and the enduring generosity of its donors,” said Foundation Chairman Dr. Wendy Lee Gramm. “But most importantly, it’s a reflection of the credibility and quality of its tireless labors for liberty and limited government. This new home is both an affirmation of a job well done, and a vote of confidence in the Foundation’s future.”

“When we purchased 916 Congress back in December 2009, we were a Foundation with 16 employees and a strong statewide media presence,” said Foundation Executive Director Arlene Wohlgemuth. “By the time building plans were completed in early 2011, we had grown to 30 employees and established a national and even international media presence. Simply put, our extraordinary success grew us out of 916 before we ever set foot within it. That’s a good problem to have.”

At 901 Congress, the Foundation will add three floors to the existing two stories, resulting in a five-story building at completion. Once all appropriate permits are obtained, renovation and construction will begin within six to eight months. The construction period is estimated to last 14 months, and should be completed by spring 2014.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit free-market research institute based in Austin.

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