AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Crime Prevention Research Center announced a joint partnership to commission safety and gun usage research by John R. Lott, Jr., one of America’s foremost scholars on gun rights. Lott will look into several critical topics, such as state ‘red flag’ laws in America and the relationship between gun ownership and crime rates in other countries. Lott is an economist who has held positions at Yale Law School, Stanford University, and the American Enterprise Institute, and is perhaps best known for his book More Guns, Less Crime.

“We are thrilled to have John Lott join with us to produce this critical research,” said TPPF’s Executive Director Kevin Roberts. “His vast expertise and knowledge will help TPPF explore some of the most pressing questions we have in Texas and around the country about safety, crime prevention, and the importance of having an armed citizenry. We look forward to his research contributing new and provocative ideas to the national debate.”

In February, Lott appeared in a TPPF event, “Gun Policy in Texas: What Will or Will Not Actually Make Us Safer?”

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