AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation's Chief Counsel Mario Loyola has been appointed visiting fellow at the Classical Liberal Institute of New York University School of Law.  During the fellowship Loyola will focus on federalism and constitutional government, exploring the future of federalism and individual liberty under the United States Constitution. The Institute was launched by Professor Richard A. Epstein, who serves as its Director.

"Working with one of the most renowned constitutional scholars of the last century will help solidify the Foundation's position at the cutting edge of constitutional studies, and expose our work to a broader national community in conservative scholarship," said Loyola. "It will also introduce some of the country's brightest law students to the latest conservative thinking in constitutional law.

"One of the objectives will be to develop a plan of action for attacking those barriers to competition that have done so much damage to our Constitution throughout the last 100 years. The goal is to pull up by the roots the various constituencies for federal overreach – which are almost always special interests bent on profiting from government power at the expense of everybody – and return self-government to the people under a constitution of fair rules, free competition, and limited government."


Mario Loyola is Chief Counsel at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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